Candy Stripe Gloves

General purpose gloves for use in any industry – using high quality leather and cotton, this glove is lightweight and economical. 

One size fits all. 

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   Candy Stripe Gloves Cow-split leather palm, cotton backed
   Candy Stripe Gloves Lightweight economical
   Candy Stripe Gloves Safety cuff and knuckle bar for added protection
   Candy Stripe Gloves 12/pack, 120/carton

   Candy Stripe Gloves Maintenance
   Candy Stripe Gloves Mining
   Candy Stripe Gloves Construction
   Candy Stripe Gloves Gardening
   Candy Stripe Gloves Light Fabrication
   Candy Stripe Gloves General Purpose Handling
   Candy Stripe Gloves Glass Handling 
   Candy Stripe Gloves Polishers Glove
   Candy Stripe Gloves Warehousing