GRIPPS – Swivel Catch

GRIPPS Swivel Catch works to prevent tangles when working with hand tools at height. A load rated swivel point allows for a 360-degree operational range of motion, while the cord loop provides an easy and efficient tool choke that connects directly to your tools existing suitable hang-hole, slot or closed handle. Tether your tool with a lanyard or coil to the Swivel Catch’s metal ring and then anchor to your glove, belt or another anchor point.

Site Ware Direct has a wide range of GRIPPS products, including coil hard hat tethers, swivel catches and bison bags.

GRIPPS – Swivel Catch

   GRIPPS - Swivel Catch Connects to existing hang-hole, slot or closed handle
   GRIPPS - Swivel Catch Strong steel ring is mounted on a swivel point, providing a full 360-degree range of movement
   GRIPPS - Swivel Catch Length: 13cm
   GRIPPS - Swivel Catch Max Load: 2.5kg
   GRIPPS - Swivel Catch Conforms to ANSI/ISEA 121-2018
   GRIPPS - Swivel Catch GRIPPS code: H01021

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