GRIPPS – Tool-Hitch

A simple choking mechanism allows the GRIPPS Tool-Hitch to secure closed-handled power tools without the need for any additional adhesives or equipment. By creating a loop around an enclosed handle, the Tool-Hitch produces a simple yet robust tool connection point, that is then able to be tethered to an anchor point.

For application on ‘open’ tools, such as a sledgehammer handle, the Single Arm, Dual Arm and Heavy-Duty Tool-Hitch variations allow you to anchor the Tool-Hitch in position with the use of V-Gripp Tape.

Site Ware Direct has a wide range of GRIPPS products, including coil hard hat tethers, tool-hitches and bison bags.

GRIPPS – Tool-Hitch

   GRIPPS - Tool-Hitch Instantaneous application to tools with an enclosed area.
   GRIPPS - Tool-Hitch No need for additional adhesives or equipment.
   GRIPPS - Tool-Hitch Tactical grade Nylon for maximum strength.
   GRIPPS - Tool-Hitch Max Load: 16kg / 35lbs
   GRIPPS - Tool-Hitch Conforms to ANSI/ISEA 121-2018
   GRIPPS - Tool-Hitch GRIPPS code: H01055

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